PPGZ Chestie
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Eye Color Deep pink
Hair Color Jade
Personal Status
Occupation Model
Friends Stella Stringzing
Enemies Weed Monster, The Powerpuffgirls z
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 35 part 1

Christie is a supporting characters of the series and she was one of model that was victim by weeds.  She originated by Japan,Toei animation.

Section Heading

Weeding out The Monsters

Christie first appeared when she was modeling alongside Stella, when she spot a cow near her and weeds which she was disgust.She decided to go for a while and wished they were disappeared which a weed monster angry and one more time she said it, she will be attacking by the weeds. When suddenly she came back, the weed monster show up and started to beat her and her friend, Stella. After hearing the story with the weeds. Her friend Stella has conclusion for all of this. Which she and Stella starting to follow the weeds to attack them which the weed don't like it. The girls interrupt them which Christie and her friend, Stella disgust it. She starting to throw something to the girls which the girls have defense themselve.



Christiehas deep pink eyes and  short jade hair  with a light skin. She wear a dame cap on her head and scarp in her neck.  Her clothes is  long sleave underneath of her jumper. And her shoes is  snow boots.


Her personality doesn't associated in the show for the meantime she share with Stella.



  • In Japanese version, She don't have a name unlike the english one.