Climbing the Walls
Season 1, Episode 5
Ppgz tv0048g
Air date July 29, 2006
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The teacher announce to the class that they have assigntment in math. But the girls consume that they were not in the class so they not know how to answer the assigntment.  Blossom, throught an idea on how they surpass this.  They encourage Ken to made an homework machine just for them to get a answer but Ken denay it.  The girls keep there cute and mercy toward him. Ken ask the girls if they pass this Spider shoes to Professor so that he can make them a homework machine.  And later, in Mojo hide out he couldn't see the sun because of that building.  He got an idea, he will make the building his base, because it's to tall to climb he destroy the half.  The girls denied what Mojo is doing. They defeat him but that is not enough to get close to him,  Buttercup has a idea.  They wear a spider shoes just to get close to Mojo but he was just easy to defeat it because the spider shoes was constract with the chemical z that is why it is to strong. Blossom who combine the magnet to magnet finally defeated Mojo.

Back to the lab, Ken finally finish the machine for the girls but instead he make it just the girls do there own homework that was not their expected for him to do.

Character Appear

Momoko Akadutsumi /Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji /Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara /Buttercup


Professor Utonium

Ken Kitazawa

Mojo jojo


Miss Bellum

Background Characters

  • Math Teacher
  • Homeworkmachine

    Homework Machine


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