Dead Shepherd
Dead shepherd
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Personal Status
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 30
Seiyū Yasuhiro Takato (Japan)
Richard Newman (English)

Dead Shepherd is a supporting characters of the series.



Section Hidden

What's up with Him?

Being revived by Him, Him ask him what make him sad. Which he tell him that he missing one sheep thatn unable for him to go to sleep. So, Him did is he told him that he will find a missing sheep to the girls white aura which this statement is a white lie on Him in order for Dead shepheard to beat the girls.

Suprising arrive in the museum, the dead shepherd started to ask the girls were they hide his missing ship. Until then, he still follow them around Professor and Ken place to go.  Ken ask the dead shepherd to recount the sheep again if he actually miscount it. The dead shepherd actually do it and he finally realize he miscount his sheep. This is the end of him and the black aura return once again to his master, Him. 


As a ghost, Dead Shepherd doesn't process a feet however he has white muctache, and had a hat in his head. He actually wear a dress that is color green.

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