Dynamo Z
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Ginger
Personal Status
Relatives Ken Kitazawa, Professor Utonium, (creator)
The Powerpuffgirls z (Sister)
Enemies Mojo jojo
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 50

Dynamo Z is one of the minor character of the Powerpuffgirls z. She originated from Craig McCracken and been adopted by the Japan,Toei Animation.

Section Heading

First seen Dynamo

After capture Mojo , Professor told the girlz that the only way to defeated Him is to travel time by using his one and only invention that first seen, The Dyanamo Z. The girlz ride to Dynamo Z to activitied it. While they combaning the theme song is appear as the background (Touch me, the song called). And Dynamo is complitely combane and the girlz flight to defeat Him (End of episode 50).

Power and Abilities

Dynamo Z has the ability to travel to the future or the past and also be able to do kick, punch anyone just like Mojo Robot. And addition to her abilities to copied the Powerpuff look (If they activitied her like the activiter).



  • Dynamo Z has alot of big change alike the original one they share the same robot.
  • If one of Dynamo look is broken, She can change to different look, Just like the episode 51: Girlz crossing time.
  • Dynamo Z's three modes resemble Getter Robo's 3 configurations.