— Digitron
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Biographical Information
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow and Red
Personal Status
Friends The Powerpuffgirls z, Mayor (Possible), Principal (Possible)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 17 part 2
Seiyū Kenichi Ono (Japan)
Jason Simpson (English)

Digitron is a supporting character (Antagonist) of the series.  He's the one who hit by the Black Z-Rays.  He originated by Japan, Toei animation.


A Black Z-Ray monster who appeared in episode 17. The monster was originally one of the waves sent through the cell phone communication tower in New Townsville. When the black light hit the top of the communication tower, the monster remained dormant transferring each cell phone's call. However, it was fed up with the Mayor and the Principal constant bickering through each other's cell phone. Their argument caused Digitron to awaken and attack Tokyo City. Digitron has total control over all cell phones in the city. With this control, the monster is able to ring and levitate every cell phone in the city. He can also bring together all the cell phones and create a giant cell phone monster. The Radio-wave monster possesses great speed and can outrun the Powerpuff Girls Z. However, like all cell phones, his speed and abilities are weakened when underground. It is later revealed that Digitron did not mean any harm and wished for the Mayor and the Principal to stop fighting. In the end, Digitron returns to the communication tower. It becomes the second monster that was originally an object to retain its black light, the first being Noodlehead.


He's a kind monster but whatever the two brothers, Mayor and Principal argument in each other the waves monster is being stronger and mad too.


Power and Abilities

As you can see the waves monster has abilities to speed up and control all the cellphone to build a gigatic cellphone.


  • As you know Digitron become strong when his close to the electric waves and when it come to subway he became to weak because there is no signal to connect.