Fuzzy Lumpkins
Season 1, Episode 6 part 1
Japanese Title Fuzzy Lumpkins!
Air date August 5, 2006
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In the first scene it tells about the history of birth between super heroes and villains.  Several days later, Peach has been detect a aura from the forest, so, Professor and Ken decided to investigate what creature that are turn too.  When they found out the creature, they immediately return him to normal but the chemical particle beam does not respond. Professor decided to let it be.  The girls said that they need to enjoy the picnic in the forest without disturbing Fuzzy Lumpkins.  And the rest has a nice they in the forest from far away to Fuzzy so he counldn't be distub but something spy and try to interupt them every single move they have in the forest or river.  

Back to the lab, Professor and the rest find out that Fuzzy already been marked all the things that they have.  So, Ken decided to bring the Powerpuff to defeat Fuzzy to his unusually behaviour.  To the town were Fuzzy welcome all people to his beautiful melody and suddenly he would expel all people out to his territory.  The girls arrive in time to Fuzzy and then they were the one who defeated by him.  Buttercup note that Fuzzy is to hard to defeat because of his strong will to manifest the town to his territory.  Fuzzy went to Mayor office to mark everything and suddenly Miss Bellum approach before Fuzzy.  When Fuzzy saw her, he begone to weak.  Now the girls chance to defeat him and sent to his place back.  And in the end Fuzzy note that the only person allow is the pretty girl like Miss Bellum.

Character Appears

Momoko Akatsutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup


Professor Utonium

Ken Kitazawa


Miss Bellum

Fuzzy Lumpkins


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