Gigi the Great
Season 1, Episode 10
Ppgz tv00812
Japanese Title The Charisma Elegant Monster!
Air date September 2,2006
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Part 1:

In the first scene it tells about the history of birth between super heroes and villains. A normal life beautician, Michael was one of those affectect by black aura. Whatever someone said that his hairstyle are lame, he hypnotize them to praise his effort. This goes to Himeko that her classmate think it was weird for herself to have that kind of hair cut. And later in Tokyo city, Mojo started to rampage the town againt and some news flash told that the charisma,Powerpuffgirls z are going to save the day once and for all. After hearing this, Michael got angry because he doesn't want anynody will paise beside herself. He went in the place were the powerpuff are. And attacking them but Buttercup was got to his hand and now it's up to Blossom and Bubbles to defeat him.

Part 2:

In the lab, Professor state that the hynotize will disappear when the owner was back to his real self. And then, everybody are now to theirself including Buttercup. The girls try to fix the trouble that Michel cause. And after hearing his name mention by the angry people, he immediately return to them but been suprise attack. Michel reveal himself on how he transform to bad guys. The girls saw the evidence. And then they prepare to be not hynotize by Gigi. The girls state that he has no more move, so he better give up. Gigi who don't want to defeat by the girls, hynotize himself to become powerful and bigger monster. He started to rule the town by cutting everysingle building he encounter for. So, Blossom had a plan on how they will defeat him. While she face Gigi the other two carrying the super hard gel and throw it to him so that he can't make a move and they start to defeat him. The next day, everything are find in the Hair salon charisma still Michel are the same person before and always he get scolded to his work mate. Professor state that if he pull the string again he will return being a monster but the girls and ken already do the job by changing the voice of the teddy bear.

Character Appears

Momoko Akatsutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup


Michel/Gigi the Great

Professor Utonium

Ken Kitazawa

Mojo jojo

Himeko Shirogane

Mojo jojo

Background Characters




  • This episode has similar to the original one, the powerpuff, Abracadaver (episode). Unlike the original it is not a zombie who conquer the world but a human that turn into a monster by black aura.


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