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Great Edo Chaki Chaki Girls also know as GoodEnough Girls, They are Recurring/minor character and Original character. They reveal  in episode 30.


Ooedo Chaki chaki girls transformation02:32

Ooedo Chaki chaki girls transformation

 A long time ago in Tokyo City, when Him was terrorizing its citizens, a man named Professor Pithium (Kennai Hiraga in the Japanese version), who is modeled after Hiraga Gennai, created the special substance "Chemical X". In the Japanese version, it is called "Kennainum He," the original Chemical Z. Professor Pithium poured it on three girls: Momo, Omiya, and Okou.  The substance changed their appearance, giving them new  and Kimonos as well as their own powers and weapons. The three were given the nameŌedo Chakichaki Musume and their purpose was to stop Him from causing more damage to Tokyo city (Edo Era  (Is the old name of Tokyo city)). The three faced and successfully defeated Him, whose weakness to the cold became his undoing. Together with Professor Pithium, they were able to drain Him's powers and seal his body in a coffin. The Goodenough Girls can be seen as the heroines who preceded the present day Powerpuff Girls Z and may in fact be their ancestors. Because of his defeat, Him has a deep hatred towards the Goodenough Girls and directs that hatred towards the Powerpuff Girls Z for their resemblance to them. Similarly to the Steamypuff Girls from the original Powerpuff Girls cartoon, they both stopped a great villain from a previous era.

Great Edo Chaki Chaki Girls Members

Momo                                                                                                                                                                       also know as Blossom, She's the commander and Leader and one of the minor character.  She's the original character. From the Edo chaki girls she's represented as heart and her weapon is coin.

Omiya                                                                                                                                                                     also know as Bubbles, She's the cutest and kind members of the Chaki Girls and one of the minor character. She the Original character. From the Edo chaki girls she's represented as Bubbles and her weapon is Fan.

Okou                                                                                                                                                                       also know as Buttercup, She's the toughest members of the Chaki Girls and one of the minor character. She the Original character. From the Edo chaki girls she's represented as Buttercup and her weapon is Mallet.

Power,Weapon and Abilities

The three girls have basic powers including:

  • Super Strength - They all have super strenght especially Buttercup (Okou).
  • Flight
  • Tornado spin - Buttercup can only do this.
  •  Boomerang - Blossom (Momo) can only do this using her red big bow.
  • Animal - Bubbles is the only member that have abilities to talk to animanls.


  • They just like the the Powerpuffgirls z but different color design.
  • The literal translation of "chakichaki" is "effficient".
  • Ooedo Chakichaki Girls have been spelled in various ways, including: Oh-Edo Chakichaki Girls, Ōedo Chakichaki Girls, and Oedo Chaki Chaki Girls.

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