Happy Birthday, New Townsville
Season 1, Episode 11 part 2
Japanese Title Chase the Cake-thief!
Air date September 9, 2006
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In the laboratory, Blossom decide take the cake of ken without his permission and fly off. And moment later, Mojo appear in the town to steal all kinds of cake. This make the girls angry on him include Momoko who are addicted from cake (despite of be a cake thief too). Momoko who as know Blossom defeated Mojo in ease, but in the process she also destroy a part of the city in her outrage and almost hurt to bubbles and buttercup. After she threat  Mojo to return the stolen from the town.  Which Mojo pointed where it was hidden. Then, when the girls taken a look from the cake. Mojo take the opportunity to destroy/defeat them. Ken and Professor saw what happening to the girls had an idea to save them which they make Buttercup angry. When Buttercup heard the voice of Peach insulting her. She got mad and defeated Mojo in ease and throw the pathetic cake from the sky. Blossom told Bubbles to save the cake which Bubbles did it. And in the end of this episode, ken say to the professor that they shouldn't allow any cake to the girls by the fact that blossom stole his cake and we see Blossom cheerfully waiting to retrieve the cake of ken to return to him, but sadly miss keane eat it

Character Appears

Momoko Akatsutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup

Ken Kitazawa


Professor Utonium

Mojo jojo

Background Characters

Miss Keane


In this episode, blossom can be considered like a kind of antagonist, because she steal the cake of ken without show concern if ken agreed with her action. After when mojo jojo was stealing the cakes of the people, blossom get so angry by this, despite of the fact that she stole the cake of ken, making her claims hypocritic. And when the girls confront to mojo jojo, she decide to attack him without restraint to the point of cause unneccesary colateral damage in the city, and also she don't mind that her attacks can hurt to bubbles, buttercup or even an innocent bystander.


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