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Himeko favorite pet. They both have high respect to each other, however, Due to that Himeko willing to protect her pet she will not attempt to others and continue to disrespect them.

They have same opinion on hating the Powerpuff.

Miko Shirogane

Himeko truly admire her own sister due to have many talented. In the same time, she hate her, it's because all the attention of her parents has more focus to her sister. Himeko wanted to surpass her sister, so that is why she try her own best to be like her own sister.

They have good companion working together to defeat the Powerpuff in battle. They share their laugh too.


The Powerpuffgirls z

Himeko and her alter-ego,truly hate the Powrpuff because of this she want to reverse the situation between her and the girls.

Mojo and the Shirogane sisters

Mojo jojo

She has a good partnership with Mojo when she and her sister, Miko Shirogane offer him a gold, money, and banana just so that she can create an opening for her sister in battling the Powerpuffgirls z.

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