Hiro cover
Kanji ヒロ
Rōmaji Hiro
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Green
Personal Status
Occupation Actor, Mayor (Formerly)
Friends Mayor, Miss Bellum, The Powerpuffgirls z
Relatives Hiro wife (Wife)
Enemies Mojo jojo
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 7
Seiyū Brad Swaile (English), Takeshi Kusao (Japan)

Hiro is one of the supporting character in the serious. He seem appear in one episode in Mayor for a Day. He is originated by Toei Animation.

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Mayor for a Day

Being a selected Mayor for a day, Hiro talked to people anything about the towns while the girls his bodyguard him against Mojo. And later, he appear to the street were he can talk to the ladies about their opinion and suddenly he sense a disguise Mojo lady. Hiro offer his sash to Mojo so he could not hurt to him. The girls save Hiro against his serious episode fighting style that the girls did to Mojo. Blossom convince to him that he is the one who give her an idea on how to defeated Mojo. Hiro confident it. And later, Hiro announce in the TV that he is getting marry to a woman that he convince when he is still a mayor. Momoko broke her heart after hearing that he is getting marry.



Hiro seems like a confident person but in the same time a scared man.[1] A little things that horrible him he hide in save place just like for a example a balloon pop and he started to hide in curtain in the stage. But when it comes to tv show Hiro was just like any super hero who had to face a bad guys with justice.[2]

When it comes to confession in the ladies, Hiro seem very charming to them and welling to do anything to get a woman attention.[3]


Just like any super hero, Hiro wear a outfit of Volt ext five with cap surrounded to his neck. He has Blue eyes and light green hair.



Hero Wife

A girl he convince while he still a mayor. Hero suddenly fall in love because of their conversation to each other. Not much to say about this girl because she was not saw her scene time.  She is simple woman with good heart.

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Blossom was extremely had a crush on him. Whatever he got scared, Blossom make him a confident by saying that he give her a great idea. After knowing that he getting marry Blossom try to divorce him for breaking her heart.

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Mojo jojo

Hiro was not who you think a brave man but still he is afraid to Mojo. Mojo who wanted to become mayor never when to him except than Hiro. He is extremely jealous to Hiro and wanted to do something to him. Hiro who are no confident when facing bad guys, he just give him what he wanted but not exchange his life.


  • In the English dub of the serious, Hiro named suddenly change to Johny Cosmo.


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