A guy that does classical theater who is laughed at by people cannot date my daughter!
— Ice cream father to Comedian man
Ice cream father
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Gray-brown
Personal Status
Occupation Businessman
Friends Reinhold Achiki
Relatives Ice cream girl (Daughter)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 23 part 1

Ice cream father is a supporting character in Powerpuff girls z. He was a father of Ice cream girl. He was been originated from Toei animation.

Section Heading

At first of the screen is that he was very strict on how Reinhold approach her daughter, which he was forbidden so, to date a guy that is very embarrassment to other. Ice cream father kick him until he was throw in the trash can. And moment later is that Reinold came back with a change his look into Kabuki which he shot later on him to cry. And in the end of the screen, the ice cream father  scream for help to save her daughter in awave of water. And now, the next morning is that he was now fine with Reinhold to date her.


He was a strict father whom he doesn't appreciate a man who make fun to her little girl which cause of embarrassment. And after the incident is that he was find with how Reinhold kindness for saving her little girl which now they have fine relationship.


He was a light-brown fat skin man, Black hair & eyes. He wear a light yellow shirt with orange apron on upper of his dress, and he wear long pants with the black shoes.