Ice cream girl
Ppgz tv001644
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Occupation Sale lady
Friends Reinhold Achiki (Ex-Boyfriend)
Relatives Ice cream father (Father)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 23 part 1

Ice cream girl is a supporting character in the Powerpuffgirls z. She is a fiance of Comedian man and daughter of Ice cream father. She was originated from Toie animation.

Section Heading

In the first scene is that Reinhold approach her just to courtship, when, suddenly her father came because he doesn't want a man who make fun to his little girl which Ice cream girl stop it for a while, but doesn't work for. And after the crying of netizen. A maximum of water is moving in the river which Ice cream girl being flash away, but been save by Reinhold. And after that day, Her father are now fine with their relationship in which Ice cream girl is ready for a date with how she came over make-up, which, Reinhold hate it.


Her personality doesn't associated in the show but some case is that, she has nice view, because of how she laught to his fiance joke and plus she is very promote in make - up which Reinhold Achiki hate it must.


Ice cream girl has brown hair and black eyes with a light skin. She wear a cap in her head and usual clothe is white blouse with orange apron underneath of white blouse.  And her shoes is brown rubber.