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Jessie Kido
Jessie Kido Profile (2)
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Age 13
Eye Color Baby Blue
Hair Color Pale Blonde
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Friends Miyako Gotokuji A.K.A Bubbles
Momoko Akatsutsumi
Kaoru Matsubara
Enemies Mojo jojo
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 17 (Part 1)
Seiyū Megumi Urawa (Japan)

Gabe Khouth (English)

Jessie Kido is an character exclusive in Powerpuffgirls z. He is one of the student in junior high and Miss Keane students. His also originated from Japan,Toei Animation.

Section Heading

Picture This

Jessie hands out a special edition of the school newspaper about the Powerpuff Girls Z. However the kids in the class are upset about it because there aren't any good pictures in the article and they return the newspapers by throwing them at him. Miyako supports his attempts to get a decent shot of her and the girls, even going as far as at one point ask him if he wants to take a picture of her, but Jessie denied it. Because he wanted to see the girls in action.

Later, he decides to go to the huge tower so he can look for the incident then suddenly spot Mojo in there were as he brought his new invention inspired by the pictures in the school newspaper's article about the PowerPuff Girls Z, which horrifies Jessie. Mojo made Jessie one of his victim. As the PowerPuff girls come closer to the tower, Jessie tries to get out of the ropes before head butting Mojo and kicking him in an attempt to buy the girls some time. This works and the girls are able to defeat Mojo. As of now, Bubbles told him that this is the opportunity to take a better picture. Jessie start to take a wonderful picture with the girls fight.

And the next morning, Jessie Kido of the newspaper unit, giving away a newspaper that wrote an article of Powerpuff Z, then, the girls saw the news. When they saw it was not properly reflected that gave a disappointing face to Jessie while he taken them a picture in that mood.





The Powerpuffgirls z

Jessie Kido is one of the big fans of the Powerpuff girls z. Because of this he willing to take a picture of them, but ended up nothing. So on later, he was been approach by Bubbles whom she offer her a  picture which reject by Jessie because of he wanted to take a girls a picture in action.

Mojo jojo

As usually common, he dislike Mojo of how badass he is.


  • In English dub, Jessie Kido named is change into Ernie Smith.

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