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Ken's mom
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Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Gray
Personal Status
Occupation Astronaut
Relatives Professor Utonium (Husband), Ken Kitazawa (Son)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 26
Seiyū Yuka Shino (Japanese)
Rebecca Shoichet (English)

Ken's Mom is a supporting character in the series.  She is an astronaut, and a character unique to The Powerpuff Girls Z.


While Ken was still a baby, his mother left so she could work in space. She is still currently working as an Astronaut, though every Christmas Ken wishes for her to come home.


She has short grey hair, blue eyes, and pink lips. She wears a multicolored space suit.


Ken's mom
Professor Utonium
Ken Kitazawa



  • She has only appeared in one episode.
  • She was stationed in space three years prior to her appearance.
  • Due to having only one appearance in the show, not much is known about her