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Kennai Hiragai
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light brown
Personal Status
Occupation Scientist
Relatives Momo, Omiya, Okou (Daughters)
Enemies Kare
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 51
Seiyū Aruno Tahara (Japan)
Louis Chirillo (English)

Kennai Hiragai is a minor character in the series and one of the original character of Japan,Toei Animation.




From what Professor Utonium read about him, Professor Kennai accidentally create a chemical x to build a super hero using Momo, Omiya and Okou to defeat Kare from the long time ago before the series of the Powerpuffgirls z start.

What's up with Him?

In the era of Edo were Him rule the small town that lead the people into frustration because of Him rampaging the town. Luckily, the Ooedo's chaki chaki girls was born because of Kennai's experiments succeeded of white aura that he will surely turn the little girls into super girls that lead them to rival Him though battle. After battling Him, the girls brought Him to their creator in order for them to start the sealing Him forever.

Only Matters of Time

The point is that they travel time is to meet the previews creator of the girls, Kennai Hiragai, to seal Him in their times.  So, Professor give somethings to the girls that will seal Him.  Some election and white light sack that will the girls catch some missing aura that Him free.


A man who wear Japanese traditional dress with glasses in his eyes and light brown hair with mustache.


Kennai Hiragai


  • His English named is Professor Pithium.