Miyako Gotokuji A.K.A Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara A.K.A Buttercup

Kuriko Akatsutsumi

Professor Utonium

Momoko A.K.A Blossom treats Professor as a friend/father. Sometimes she and her friends seek help from him. For example for this is when Ken prevented them from using the things they want. And he told him the reason why. And this gives the girls a great idea to become his surrogate mothers.

Ken Kitazawa

Mojo Jojo

As they were first met, Blossom treats Mojo as normal being. When they both notice each other's differences. Blossom treat him now as an enemy especially they both also a rival when it comes to sweets. But sometimes she respects him.

The Rowdyruff Boys

Himeko Shirogane


She treats Peach as good friend.

Miss Keane

She treats Miss Keane as friend and teacher.


She treats Mayor as good friend.

Sakurako Kintoki


Because they share in personality and tastes, the two quickly bonded.



After finding out the truth from him, Momoko began to look at him in another light. For now, she daydreaming about him. And also easiest disturb to her mission too. Then, when things are going great for Momoko, Sakamoto changes back to his old self.


Weed Monster


Blossom had extreme crush on him. Whatever he got scared, Blossom makes him confident by saying that he gave her a great idea. After knowing that he is getting married, Blossom "broke up" with him for breaking her heart.

Shirino Janko

Dai Matsubara

Gangreen Gang


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