Ms. Keane to the Rescue
Season 1, Episode 19 part 2
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Air date November 4, 2006
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The following events start of when Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru are try to leave a class of Keane-sensei, often, just, to beat Mojo on his rampaging. Afterward a battle with Mojo the girls return in the class safety and healthy now. Then, must later, the faculty staff discuss about the behavior of the three little girls in Keane-sensei class. As one of the teacher note is they cutting class. Keane-sensei reject it for the meantime, but when she realize it. She started to think a plan on how to handle the three girls condition, so that they wouldn't leave a classroom and miss the lesson. And then, going back to the classroom. Keane-sensei are lecturing when suddenly again the sound of the belt ring just to announces that Mojo is making a trouble. The girls are in action again but this time Keane-sensei is already prepare a things just so they wouldn't go anymore in the infirmary. Himeko who often noticing the attention of Keane-sensei to the girls. She started act as like them, telling to Keane-sensei that her parents has a anniversary today. Keane-sensei believe of what she said, so, she send her home but Himeko expectation didn't work on her. And again the girls try there best just to leave a class and fight Mojo. Keane-sensei ignore all the excuse and as continue on what she doing. For the meantime, Mojo approaching the school. When suddenly the girls call Keane-sensei about Mojo. Then, she talk to Mojo to stop destroying her classes because of his misbehave attitude. And now, this is a chance of a girls to transform while Mojo was distracted by Keane-sensei. It's because of what Keane-sensei said to Mojo that he is a good boy. Mojo distracted attitude is change into peace. When suddenly, Keane-sensei said something sensitive to Mojo that would bring back his inner self just to destroy the whole city. The powerpuffgirls arrive just in time as Mojo waiting for. Now, the fight begin as so often he always lose to them. And the next morning, the girls run in the hall way as a same time class is start soon enough. Then, they were met Keane-sensei in the hall way as if they came into her class they wouldn't go out. So, Miyako has a bright idea if they tell to her the truth is. Keane-sensei feel awkward about the girls said so she send them in the infirmary to check about what happen to them. The girls feel nothing as they wouldn't expect it  that Keane-seansi would tell. Then the girls are on the way.

Character Appears

Momoko Akadutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup

Miss Keane

Mojo jojo

Himeko Shirogane


Professor Utonium

Ken Kitazawa

Background Characters

  • Science Teacher
Science teacher

  • Math Teacher


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