Noodra Gallery
— Noodra
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Kanji ヌードラー
Rōmaji Noodra
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Eye Color Pink
Personal Status
Occupation Employee
Friends The Powerpuffgirls z
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 15
Seiyū Takumi Yamazaki (Japan)
Richard Ian Cox (English)

Noodra (ヌードラー) is a supporting (formerly antagonist) character. He is ramen of Japan.  He was hit by the black z rays and rise to protect his master noodle recipe.  He originated by Japan, Toei animation.


In the flashback, we seen on how Noodra was born. The track has deliver several recipe about the ramen in the shops.  One of the shop got the black aura inside the sack.

One day, some customer has busy on his doing when suddenly the chef got mad for not being appropriate in the ramen while it is hot. The customer feel the same way. So he do is to ambuse the ramen and putting everything on it.  Because of this is the creation of Noodra. His goal is to eliminated all the people who eat ramen and teach them that the way of the noodles.

Noodra was approach several shop in the same time been kick out. When he saw the shop are closed (for awhile)He begone mean to human and forcing them to eat the ramen.The girls saw what he did and then they challenge him in the fight.

In the middle of the fight, Noodra has a opportunity to finish his final attack because his master interfere. it didn't. Noodra explain everything on why he do such a thing. His Boss feel guilty on his words. So the two has agree that they will change the structure about the ramen ways.


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Noodra has a great respect to his master also he refer to him as a Boss. He is very loyal and obedience and he willing to eliminated the world if someone will disgrace his master masterpiece about the ramen.

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The Powerpuffgirls z

The girls and Noodra has has good relationship together especially Buttercup who he has same taste with. The girls often visit the shop if their is any change. When they find out their reaction begun sullen.

Power and Weapon

As same any monster who hit the same as him to breath life.  Noodra was blessed with great stamina and speed. He has alot of weapon to use to attack the girls just like the soy sauce and steam. This was include to he named with naruto shurikenPort slice shieldSteam attackSoy sauce-based chicken broth.