Da Wan!
— Peach

Peach render
Kanji ピーチ
Rōmaji Pīchi
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Relatives Ken Kitazawa, Professor Utonium, The Powerpuffgirls z
Enemies Mojo jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Him, Sedusa, Gangreen Gang, The Amoeba Boys, Sapphire (Possibe Friend)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Seiyū Tomoko Kaneda (Japanese)
Matt Hill (English)

Peach is a one of the main character of Powerpuffgirls z .  He appeared since the beginning of the episode. Peach is a digital dog detector between the two aura (The white and black light).  He originated from Japan, Toie animation.


Because Peach being stubborn, he accidentally throw a buns in the chemical which is the result of changing the color of the light.

After Ken blasted the iceberg. There is several white and black rays (known as White Z Rays and Black Z Rays) to be released into the Tokyo city. This include hitting anyone including Peach which give him to talked. Ken and Professor notice the white aura did on Peach and the girls who are they watching changing them to into different person.


Peach is a kind and lovable dog.  He never gives up when it comes to challenges in his life. When Peach fell in love (like sappiere), he will do anything to get the attention of the girl he loves.  Sometimes when you deceive Peach, He deplorable and angry in you.[1] 


Peach is just like any other dog, only he is a robot that color of his skin is cream yellow and has brown ears. He also has a violet nose and wears a yellow collar around his neck with a bone attached to it.


Power and Weapon

  • Calling the girls
  • Ninja
  • communication
Professor note between Peach and the girls that they have  connection, within his voice, he can contact the girls approach. And he can neither detect nor smell a small version between light and dark aura.

It is state in episode 37 were the girls can't manage to save the day. Peach, Ken, and Professor act one of them. He can neither do a karate using his weapon bone.[2]




  • Peach is the only digital dog that can talk.
  • Like Blossom in the original show, Peach has a lot of knowledge. Ken does as well.
  • His favorite food in the chinese restaurant is Dumpling [3]
  • Peach means fruit in China, [4]
  • In the English dub of the series, Peach’s name is Poochi.


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