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Season 1, Episode 17 part 1
PPGZ Episode 17 cover
Air date October 21, 2006
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Revenge of Digitron


Jesse Kido of the newspaper unit, giving away a newspaper that wrote an article of Powerpuff Z, but it does not get to hang out to everyone, because of no guarded the city of the Powerpuff girls z fighting for small moves is seen only.  Miyako try to cheer up Jesse to take a picture of Powerpuff z more which Jesse guaranty.

A moment later in Mojo hideout, he working up to defeat the powerpuff z made a doll by him when suddenly a flying object fall of his face. Mojo look at the flying object which is a photograph of the newspaper. When he seen the picture in the newspaper. Mojo come up with a better plan to how to pick off the girls from a distance. Then, going back to Jesse who are wondering the city that has lot of trouble which gave no sight of the girls. And he receive a call by someone who saw the Powerpuff in the riverbed at 3-chome. Jesse head to the venue of that place were he was to late for, then fall to the water, and Bubbles saw Jesse on. Bubbles herself save Jesse then offer herself to take her a picture, but Jesse denied it. He wanted to see the girls in action. And later, Jesse was sad for a moment of period of time when he spot a huge building were he could take a better picture about the girls fighting style. He decided to go into that place were it's was follow by Mojo later. Jesse who had come to the tower to look for the incident, suddenly spot Mojo in their. Professor who are monitoring the laboratory, spot Mojo in the tower were he victim Jesse. The girls saw it and started to transform just to save Jesse and also defeat Mojo. Bubbles told Jesse that this is the opportunity to take a better picture. Jesse start to take a wonderful picture with the girls fight.

And the next morning, Jesse Kido of the newspaper unit, giving away a newspaper that wrote an article of Powerpuff Z, then, the girls saw the news. When they saw it was not properly reflected that gave a disappointing face.


Momoko Akadutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup

Jessie Kido

Background Characters


Ken Kitazawa

Professor Utonium


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