Princess Morbucks
Season 1, Episode 6 part 2
Japanese Title Princess Himeko!
Air date August 5, 2006
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Before she become a princess, Himeko was a ordinary rick girl in that days.  In the house of her, she order the maids to find her beloved Sappiere. When suddenly they saw a three dogs surrounding her pet. Himeko throw a bunch of money in the dogs and scold them.  The black aura appear before her without she stricken and suddenly hit her and Sappiere.  Himeko was not offended in the light that was hit.

In the next day, Himeko was proud for herself to got a brand new dress to show up in class.  When she appear in the classroom, no one pay attention beside to the Powerpuff news and Momoko,Miyako, and Kaoru were sleepless too.  Himeko feel disappointing. And late that night, she hope that her favorite drama will low her anxiety. Then, when she open the tv, she saw again the Powerpuff and get mad by touching her pet tail and transform into Princess. And now, Princess has a plan on how to get more attention to people.  She created a gigantic robot and attack it.  The robot was not that easy to defeat. Princess lose control to the robot. And the Powerpuff arrive and Princess told them that she can take the responsible.  The girls saw Princess controlling the robot and they out of trust her. They defeated the robot all by themself. And Princess attack them the ammo. She was easy defeat by Blossom yo-yo and return her back to normal. Miyako and Kaoru surprise when they know that the villain is Himeko, still Momoko never remember her. The girls bring Himeko to her home without she realize all the trouble that she cause. And the next, everyone cheering to the Powerpuff and Himeko started to get mad to the girls and wish to fight them again.

Character Appears

Himeko Shirogane/Princess


Momoko Akatsutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup


Professor Utonium

Ken Kitazawa

Background Characters


Shirogane maids


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