Reinhold Achiki


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Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Male (Presumably)
Age 17
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Occupation Comedian/Kyōgen actor
Friends The Powerpuffgirls z, Ice cream girl, Ice cream father
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 23
Seiyū Masaya Onosaka (Japan), Sean Campbell (English)

Reinhold also know in his former monster form Kabuki monster (歌舞伎モンスター)  is a supporting (antagonist) character in Powerpuff Girls z. He was (formerly) in love with Ice Cream Girl, but has since fallen out of love with her, due to her wearing VERY heavy makeup on their first date. As, he states that he hates heavy makeup, and she chases him off. He is a comedian, and dedicated much of his time to attempting to win the heart of the Ice Cream Girl, whose father did NOT approve of his comedy, and much preferred tragedies, and SERIOUS entertainment. Reinhold originated from Toei animation, and does not have an American counterpart, unlike many characters.


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After the ice cream father kick Comedian man into the trash can, Him, over take the body of comedian to turn into a monster.  He was been called Kabuki. And now, he return back to the ice cream father to take revenge by blasting him with beam to make him cry. And now, whatever he seen, he blast them to cry (This was goes to the girls too) that's why the girls can't transform because Kabuki blast them with beam. 

And now, the result being unable to stop crying. The city of Tokyo turn into cried flood.  This was a chance for the girls to transform.  The girls wear a kimono and they made a joketo make Kabuki disturb in laught while he laughing this is the time the girls will now defeat Kabuki.


Reinhold harbors black hair styled in a bowl cut with a ponytail, and dark brown eyes. Another notable feature is his overbite, and the black marks on his cheeks. He wears yellow and green naga-bakama, white tabi socks, and zori sandals.


Achiki is a humorous individual with a passionate love for Comedy, and an apparent distaste for Kabuki theatre. It's MUCH too serious for him... Not to mention the fact it requires too much makeup for his tastes (which may be the reason he dislikes heavy makeup in the first place). He appears to be very sweet and compassionate, and has a soft spot for pretty girls, as well as bad puns and jokes.

Powers and ability

Kabuki has laser vision in his eyes. This ability is to obtain a certain person to never stop crying. His laser color is violet.