Sapphire Gallery
— Sapphire
Kanji サファイア
Rōmaji Safaia
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Eye Color Green and red
Hair Color White
Personal Status
Relatives Himeko Shirogane (Owner)
Enemies The Powerpuffgirls z
Peach (Possibe Friend)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 6
Seiyū Sawa Ishige

Sapphire is a Minor characters (antagonist) in the series.  She is a pet of Himeko-sama and frenemies of Peach.  She originated by Japan,Toei animation.


Princess and Sapphire encounter the black aura


All the minions at the Shirogane house were searching for Sapphire. When they found it, it was surrounded by dogs and Himeko attacked the dogs with money. Himeko succeeded in saving Sapphire, but a black Z ray hit her while she was holding Sapphire's tail. 

The next day, Himeko wanted to express herself to her classmates about a new dress but they were not paying attention to her. When she got home, she hoped that she could watch her favorite drama but it showed a Powerpuff commercial, and she got very mad and bit Sapphire's tail. She transformed to be a princess to show to the Powerpuffs that she's the best among of them. 


According to the Powerpuff Girls Z, she's just as spoiled and uptight as Princess is. She's also sly and sneaky, even seducing Poochi into giving her more information on the PPGZ. But she seem loyal to her master, she even don't mind if Himeko touch her tail that make her scream.


Sapphire has the basic appearance is what you'd expect from the common "Rich-Girl's-White-Cat-Cliche": Her fur is silky and pure milky white, along with a long fluffy tail. Sapphire has small ears, and two long whiskers on each side of her face. She has fur around her neck somewhat like a reindeer. Her eyes are usually half closed, with shining purple eyelids, suggesting makeup.


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Himeko favorite pet. They both have high respect to each other, however, Due to that Himeko willing to protect her pet she will not attempt to others and continue to disrespect them.

They have same opinion on hating the Powerpuff.


  • She was hit by the black Z ray, which caused her scream to transform her owner. She could be possibly based on the cat from 'Cat Man Do'. Buttercup  seems to dislike her a lot more than the others, probably because she suggested that they should launch her into space.