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The Ladies Monste
r is a female group made  by PrincessSedusa and Lady.  They created from black z rays and  turned to be a monsters of Townsville/Tokyo city and they originated by Craig McCracken.


She's is with a circle curly hair with the dress of pink.  Just like her human form, She seem easily get jealous to others especially the The Powerpuffgirls z. She enjoy being the center of attention in Tokyo city becomes jealous if someone is taking it away from her.

She's a curly hair with the dress of violet.  She is actually a human named Sakurako Kintoki (Annie - English) who is usually sweet and quiet but turns into Sedusa whenever she tries on lipstick due to getting hit by Black Z-Rays, however; like Princess, isn't permanent.

She's a pink amoeba that actually a girl.  She's the only female member to their team.

Power,Weapon and abilities

Just like what they do to their own self.  Princess use a diamond claw to attack Blossom and while Sedusa is a punch and kick.  Lady can become big.



  • There band members remind of the original girls play the music to save the day.