The Mighty Morbucks
Season 2, Episode 41 (Part 1)
PPGZ Episode 41 cover
Air date April 14, 2007
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The Legend of Princess Morbucks
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Himeko has a nice morning awake, when suddenly everyone acting weird. This may wonder Himeko, what's going on her surrounding?. When she found out to her parents; she become happy, because of her sister coming back in Japan. Then, a moment later in arrival of Miko. She encountered the Powerpuff Girls Z in the way and repeated their names in a sinister voice. And when she return home, she gave her parents so much proud because she won so much in the contest like the beauty queen and tennis. Himeko who are though to be forgotten by her sister, started to feel depress. Then, Miko heard about Himeko loneliness and start to reuniting with her. They started to talk first about the stuff that needed. But when Himeko mention the girls, Miko made a bright idea on how to stand out against the girls. She formed a hand with Mojo later in his hideout by offering him a bunch of gold,banana, and money which Mojo accept it.

A moment later in the city were Mojo started to rampage the city which cause the girls appear on it. This time Miko analysis their ability to suit developed by Shirogane Institute of Science while Mojo covering it for her. After defected Mojo, Miko appear before the girls and started to attack them without hesitation. This make no choice for Buttercup who attack first that lead to follow by Blossom and Bubbles. She did not easily defeated by the girls attack rather themselves. When Miko find out is it almost time, she call Mojo to attack the girls. But it was just a tricked on Mojo so that she can defeated him. Miko complimented the Powerpuff Girls Z and took off.

A few days later, she said goodbye to Himeko to return to London but before she go, she said to her that if she want to see her, just turn on the tv. When she watch it, she understand Miko plan.


Miko Shirogane

Himeko Shirogane

Momoko Akadutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji /Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup


Professor Utonium

Ken Kitazawa

Mojo jojo

Kiyoko Shirogane

Yoshio Shirogane

Background Characters



Shirogane maids


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