The Way of the Noodle
Season 1, Episode 15 part 2
PPGZ 15 2
Air date October 7, 2006
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Back in that days, Noodra still ordinary ramen maker, when suddenly some black light hit one of the sack. The track who has been delivering several ramen shop. One of the shop who has some black aura on the sack.

Then later, the chef of the ramen, making a ramen for his customer.  He disgrace some customer who wasting the ramen while still hot. He got mad on the customer without appropriate. The customer fill the same feeling to the ramen maker being disgrace, so that he do. He abuse the ramen. This is the started of the creation of  Noodra who has a goal to eliminated all the people who eat ramen and teach them that the way of the noodles.

Later, the girls approach to the newest ramen shop that has started to open and approach to eat.  Then suddenly, Noodra was there too. His doing is having interview to a news and telling humanity about the noodles way.  The girls was in the middle of eating when Noodra interfere them and telling the way of the ramen.  Buttercup who got same taste as Noodra, they suddenly become buddy in that min time. Later, after Noodra approach the girls his started to approach the others and others shop who regards not appropriate that would destroy there some.  Noodra been kick while the girls being praise, then they were allowed to eat to their shop. Until they become chubby. Noodra notice that his Boss shop has been closed for a while. He begone mean to human and forcing them to eat the ramen. The girls notice this and challenge Noodra in the fight. The fight has been interfere by his Boss. Noodra explain everything on why he do such a thing. His Boss feel guilty on his words. So the two has agree that they will change the structure about the ramen ways.

Several days later, the girls try to visit them if their is any change but when they notice. There face  reaction is started to sullen.









Professor Utonium

Ken Kitazawa


  • When Noodra begone to fight the girls, he mension one of his naming attack (naruto shuriken). This naming attack make an cameo. This was actual one of  Naruto favorite recipe the ramen.


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