Degree of compassion for monster
Tokugawa Tsunayoshi
PPGZ Tokugawa Tsunayoshi (ghost) 2
Kanji 綱吉 徳川
Rōmaji Tsunayoshi Tokugawa
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Occupation Shogun
Enemies The Powerpuffgirls z
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 35 Part 2
Seiyū Eiji Yanagisawa (Japan)
Simon Hayama (English)
Tokugawa Tsunayoshi is a supporting character (Antagonist) of the series.  He's the one who hit by the Black Z-Rays.  He originated by Japan, Toei animation.


Section Heading

The Dog Days of New Townsville

After Him revived him using his dark aura. He when through mayor office in order to possess him and be able to compassion the degree of monster to concur the whole city of Tokyo. While everything is doing great things as he deserve. The girls arrive in city in order to eliminate the monster. But Tokugawa saw this and declare to arrest the girls for being break the law. Later, they discover that Mayor is being possess by shogun by using exorcism on him. After knowing his history. They use his weakness to defeat him by simply given him a hotdog that he thought was come from a dog.  Shogun got angry for feeding him the things he love the most. Then, the girls defeat him until he fly away where he come from and rest.


Tokugawa has a cherish to the living creatures especially dogs. Whoever he found out that someone harm them, he execute those person.[1]  This is the reason why he compassionate the degree of monster to rule the city in the present day because of obsessed and love for living creatures.[2] He also show anger when the girls feed him the hotdog that he thought come from dogs.[3]


As being a ghost, Tokugawa doesn't process a feet however he has black hair and a top knot haircut, pale skin, nose and mouth is turn into red in color. He actually wear a yellow shitagi underneath of violet kariginu , Uwa-obi in his waist with sword in the right hip.


Tokugawa as a ghost has a ability to fly and possessing a person body.[4]




  • " So in order to compliment my beloved dogs, I degree compassion for all living things.-- Those that defy dogs will be punished immediately! "[5]


  • Tokugawa Tsunayoshi is actually a shogun from Japanese history.[6]
  • The people in the era refer to Tokugawa as Inukubou (dogboy) because he literally love dogs.[7]


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