Hello everybody.  I  hope that everybody who enter here should read a rules if you have time. So in order for you to unable to block or given warning sign. And plus,  if you try to create a page make sure you put some information within, not just creating it as a blank.

And also added picture should be properly named before uploading them to the wikia. The name doesn't have to be complicated, but it should at least describe what is happening in the picture.

Please refrain from uploading pictures with names that are just a random combination of letters and numbers. For instance, vbbsdaxzy.png is not a proper name for the a picture, since it makes it nearly impossible to search that picture for futher use. Neither is something like 


If you properly name a Momoko photo with Momoko name, then you can easily search that photo by just typing Momoko. This way you can easily find an old photo for future use.

If the picture describes an event, name it after the event. If the picture has a specific character in it, title it with the character's name.